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17 Jun 20

Flowers welcome back visitors to Kedleston

The seeds sown by the garden team in April have grown well after several months of sunshine. As the garden and parkland is opened up to visitors in June following closure, this dramatic display is enjoyed by visitors once again.

Flowers in bloom at Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire

10 Mar 20

Early spring bulbs

Just before Christmas, the garden volunteers spent several days planting thousands of bulbs in the garden. In February the snowdrops were on display and now in March the daffodils are starting to flower. A welcome sight after the winter.

Spring bulbs growing in the garden at Kedleston

01 Oct 19

Autumn blooms

When the seed mix was sown, we were not sure just how many months there would be flowers in bloom, and the impact any severe weather conditions could have on the plants. Despite a few weeks of significant wind and rain, the flower beds have continued to bloom into October. Next month the garden team will be preparing the beds for the winter season.

Flowers bloom at Kedleston Hall