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16 Jun 19

First flowers in bloom

Thanks to plenty of rain and sunshine, this month the first wildflowers are in bloom, and the beds are looking very green. We expect the colours to change each month onwards.

The wildflowers growing in the garden at Kedleston

04 May 19

The wildflowers are growing in the beds

The staff and volunteers are Kedleston are excited to see the wildflowers starting to grow, thanks to a few weeks of sunshine and rain. the wildflower seed mix contains a variety of flowers.

The wildflowers are showing in May

19 Apr 19

Interpreting the garden for visitors

Visitors have enjoyed using the garden for games, picnics, relaxing in a deckchair, and even watching outdoor theatre in recent years. The visual changes will be significant so we introduced the project and the history of the garden's design with a set of information panels around the garden.

Interpreting the garden project at Kedleston