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29 Apr 21

Works complete at Armboth

Works have been completed on Armboth Fell, in partnership with Cumbria Wildlife Trust, United Utilities, Fix the Fells and Natural England. The works have seen an important area of peat restored, creating bunds to hold water back and create pools. Overtime, Sphagnum moss will dominate the area and new peat will begin to form. Access through the site has also been improved, where a flagged path has been laid to protect the restored area from trampling. The remaining work to fence off the area, to protect it from grazing animals, will be completed over the coming weeks.

A pool of water and flag footpath on the high fells above Borrowdale

15 Mar 21


The peatland restoration project on the fells above Borrowdale will also improve access by creating a stone path through the restored area . This will make it easier for people to pass through, at the same time as ensuring the habitat restoration work is protected. To prepare for this, the team have been overseeing the materials being lifted by helicopter onto the high fells. The works are being carried out in partnership with Cumbria Wildlife Trust, United Utilities, Natural England and Fix the Fells, who are leading on the path works with funding from the European Rural Development Fund.

Helicopter lifting bundle of fencing posts on a rope against a blue sky background

08 Mar 21

Restoring peatlands on the fells above Borrowdale

We have started works in partnership with Cumbria Wildlife Trust, United Utilities, Natural England and Fix the Fells to restore a badly eroded peat bog on the fells above Borrowdale. Our contractors started work when the ground was frozen so they could navigate the bare peat. They have installed bunds across the site which will hold back water, creating the ideal wet environment for sphagnum moss to grow. Sphagnum is natures perfect water filter, so the works will ensure cleaner water leaving the area as well as slowing the flow and locking up carbon within the regenerating peat. The restoration works are funded by the DEFRA Peatland Grant Scheme and Supported by The National Lottery.

Digger building barriers to create wet areas on peat