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14 Jul 21

In bloom

Only a couple of months after works finishing on Armboth Fell the restored bog pools are thriving and the cotton grass planted last month is flowering. The work, completed in partnership with the National Trust Riverlands project, Fix the Fells, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Natural England and United Utilities, has improved access through the addition of a stone path and restored a heavily eroded area of bare peat, providing nature with a little help and space to recover.

Cotton grass plug plants flowering on Armboth Fell

11 Jun 21

Plug planting on Armboth Fell

Volunteers recently joined our partners Cumbria Wildlife Trust on Armboth Fell for the final touches on the peat restoration works which took place earlier this year. Several thousand plugs of cotton grass were planted by hand across areas of exposed peat. This species is native to peatlands and wetlands and as the plants grow their root systems will help stabilise the restored areas and reduce erosion.

Volunteers plug planting on Armboth Fell

11 May 21

Making Hay Whilst the Sun Tries To Shine

A recent rainy afternoon was spent walking the fields at Dunthwaite looking at ways we can help improve the hay meadows at the site. There is already a thriving floodplain meadow alongside the River Derwent and we could potentially harvest seed or green hay from this location to improve the biodiversity of neighbouring fields.

Fields at Dunthwaite