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18 Nov 19

First 4 screenings of original film take place

As the structure by Falmouth University is finished, the first 4 screenings of Gorthwedh, the original film take place in Botallack which is transformed into a mini cinema. Callum Mitchell attended each session to meet film viewers and explore people's connections to the Tin Coast. The temporary structure is set to be ready for screenings from 20 November onwards.

Tin Coast Cornwall Botallack buildings

12 Nov 19

Screening dates moved as build schedule extended

Falmouth University has extended its build schedule, due to challenging weather conditions where Gorthwedh, the temporary outpost and clifftop cinema is under construction. Screenings scheduled for 9, 10 and 12 November will be moved to later dates. The structure will be ready by 16 November with the first screening taking place on that date. All ticket holders will be contacted direct. More screenings are being announced soon as demand has been high.

Tin Coast Cornwall Botallack buildings

04 Nov 19

Scenic outpost and clifftop cinema by Falmouth University

From 4 - 11 November Gorthwedh's temporary pop up structure is being built by Falmouth University's Architecture Course in challenging weather in West Cornwall. The original build schedule has been extended by 1 day, and initial film screenings moved to alternate days to accommodate this.

Tin Coast Cornwall Botallack buildings