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15 Mar 20

Are you sitting down?

Our gardener Rob has been hard at work recently building these wonderful raised seats amongst the flower beds in the Garden Snug. Seats like these were a common sight in the layout of medieval walled gardens, which form much of the inspiration behind William Morris' garden design, and so we will draw upon them too. Our seats will be filled with chamomile, so that when brushed past or touched, they release a light fragrance.

The raised seats in the Red House Garden Snug

02 Mar 20

Marked for success

With an amazing garden project comes an amazing centrepiece. Morris and Webb's garden design was based on stories and images of romantic medieval walled gardens, which often had garden seats at their centres. As part of our re-imagination, Scottish craftsman Angus Ross is creating a Red House inspired garden seat to sit at the centre of this little garden room. The white marks in the centre of the current garden room mark out where this exquisitely designed and made seat will be installed.

Marking out for the garden seat at Red House

03 Feb 20

Earth to Red House

Recently the team has been turning over the earth in the garden room in preparation for planting in the Spring. This has given us an opportunity to test the quality of the soil and what we might need to get it ready. Red House typically has heavy clay earth, so we might need to add nutrient rich top soil to help give the plants the best start.

Turning over the soil at Red House ready for planting.