Spring family fun at Devil's Dyke and Saddlescombe

Searching the skies

There is so much to do this Spring at Devil’s Dyke and Saddlescombe Farm. We’ve picked out our favourite 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ for you, from watching a bird to climbing a huge hill. So, go out, fill your lungs with air, and enjoy these legendary countryside spots.

No. 25 Join nature's band

Head to any spot away from the road and loads of people, then stop and listen.  What can you hear?  Is it a skylark high up in the sky, or an early bee buzzing around your feet?  What are they saying?  Maybe it’s “Summer is coming” “get off my land” or “yummy, food”.

What noises can you make, and what do they say?  Try banging stones together, squelching though mud, sploshing through puddles, skidding across gravel or making a grass harp.  I’m sure you can thing of many other things.

 No. 23 Get up for the sunrise

Sunrise is amazing (and noisy) in the Spring.  Try to get to the top of one of our hills and face east.  This is the direction the sun rises in.

When the sun peeks above the land, you’ll notice the sky change colour.  Can you describe all the colours you can see?

Birds can be very loud in the Spring too.  It’s called the dawn chorus.  See if you can pick out individual birds amongst all the noise.

Taking a break on Devil's Dyke
Family take a break in their bike ride
Taking a break on Devil's Dyke

No 28 Climb a huge hill

We have loads of hills here.  All of them have amazing views across Sussex and Brighton and the sea.  On a good day you can see the Isle of White, so it is really worth the climb.  When you get to the top, you could try No 2: roll down a really big hill, to celebrate!

No 44 Watch a bird

Birds may be shy, but they are all around us.  They are also extra noisy in the Spring.  We have over 600 different types of birds in the UK.   The Downs and woodlands around Devil’s Dyke and Saddlescombe are full of them, some rare and endangered like the skylark or yellowhammer. 

Try and stay quite and walk smoothly and see what you can spot.  Look at their shape, colour and see if you can hear what sound they make.  What do you think they eat, and where do you think they like to live? 

You may be able to find out what bird it is by checking a book or website, so try and find a way of remembering what you have seen.

Or why not follow the purple arrows and try out our Big Adventurer's family trail?

Devil's Dyke spring family trail (PDF / 1.44140625MB) download