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Fulking escarpment and the village of Fulking below, Devils Dyke, Sussex.
Fulking escarpment and the village of Fulking below | © National Trust Images / Christine Dawson

Fulking pub walk

A moderate circular walk, starting and finishing at the Shepherd and Dog pub, comprising ancient landscapes and breathtaking views across the downs.

Total steps: 11

Total steps: 11

Start point

Shepherd and Dog pub car park, grid ref: TQ247113

Step 1

From the pub car park take the public footpath which starts to the left of the pub garden and has bushes on both sides. The track is marked with a small concrete public footpath sign on the right-hand side. Turn right when you reach the fence at the end and continue along this path until you reach a stile.

Step 2

Go over the stile and up the steps. At the top of the steps you will come to a T-junction with another path. Turn right along a narrow track.

Step 3

Follow this track around the hill taking note of the direction indicated by the post with the pink arrow. You will come to a clearing in a dip with a trough in the middle. Go past the trough and continue up a wide path on the other side until you get to another junction of paths.

Step 4

Continue following the path which is parallel to the fence on your right as indicated by the pink arrow on the wooden post at the junction. After a short distance you will come to a stile. Climb over this and continue to go straight ahead. When you get to the end of the fence turn left onto a wide chalky track which comes up the hill from your right.

Step 5

Walk up the hill. After a short distance, where the track bends to the left, you will see an old lime kiln on your right. This dates back to the Victorian era.

Lime kiln at the foot of Fulking Escarpment, Devils Dyke, Sussex
Lime kiln at the foot of Fulking Escarpment | © National Trust Images / Christine Dawson

Step 6

Continue up the main track until you reach the electricity pylon at the top. This is an old bostal track which snakes up the hill.

Step 7

When you have passed the pylon you will see the South Downs Way following the fence line up ahead. Don’t take this route but instead turn to the left along a small track between two low banks. In summer the banks here will be teeming with butterflies, moths and orchids.

Step 8

At the end of this path you rejoin the South Downs Way which runs from Eastbourne to Winchester. Continue towards the fence ahead of you and go through the gate. On your right, over the fence, you can see the remains of the Fulking Isolation Hospital.

Step 9

Walk along the top of the left-hand bank of a sunken ditch descending to your left and follow it downhill until you reach a pair of wooden signposts. In late spring the banks of the ditch to your right are covered in cowslips.

Cowslips on Fulking escarpment, Devils Dyke, Sussex
Cowslips on Fulking escarpment | © National Trust Images / Christine Dawson

Step 10

Turn left and follow the broad grassy track which hugs the foot of the escarpment until you reach the junction above the steps you came up at the beginning of the walk.

Step 11

Turn right and retrace your route down the steps, over the stile and along the path back to the pub car park.

End point

Shepherd and Dog pub car park, grid ref: TQ247113

Trail map

Map route for walk on Fulking, Devils Dyke, Sussex
Map route for walk on Fulking | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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