Myths and Legends at Devil's Dyke

How did Devil's Dyke get its name? What was the Howling Terror? This part of the South Downs has a rich history of myths and legends to discover. Wander across the beautiful downland and look out for earthworks and landscape features that give hints and clues about how the land was shaped and how man created order and explanation from what sometimes seemed the inexplicable...

View along the glorious rolling downland of Devil's Dyke

Devil’s Dyke myth and legend

Legend has it that Satan’s bid to wipe out Christianity by digging through Devil’s Dyke and letting the sea flood the weald was foiled by a cunning monk called St Cuthbert.

A postcard showing the Victorian funicular railway station that took visitors to the village of Poynings

Chasm Explorer

A good three mile walk which takes you to the alleged burial site of the Devil and beyond to Saddlescombe Farm and the donkey wheel

A figure with a megaphone terrifies the people of Sussex

The Howling Terror

The peace of renowned beauty spot Devil’s Dyke was suddenly interrupted by the howling terror, a horrendous din that hurtled over the South Downs and terrified the locals.