Inspiring people

View over Belfast towards the lough from the summit of Divis

Resting on the doorstep of Belfast, Divis and the Black Mountain holds a special place in many people's hearts, from childhood memories playing on the slopes, to inspiring songs, fantastic photography and acting as an inspirational backdrop for sporting events.

Find out what this beautiful landscape means to people.

My Black Mountain

Divis and the Black Mountain really is an awesome place. Local man Don Morris was inspired so much that he even wrote a song about it, appropriately named My Black Mountain.
He told us: ‘I've a brother in England and when we meet up inevitably we reminisce about our younger days exploring the mountain. I told him I'd write him a song to ease his pain and so My Black Mountain was penned. In those days there was no broadband, satellite television, games consoles or social network sites. Kids had to use their imagination; we played every game ever invented on the Black Mountain. Wholesome fun and great memories.’

Pure magic

The Ulster Vespa Club recently hosted the first national Vespa Club rally and, with our permission, took in the summit of Divis Mountain on their tour around the highlights of Belfast. The tour attracted Vespa Club members from across Britain and Ireland and one of their members, Red777, told us what it meant to him: 'For me, being a Scot and being able to be the first group of Vespa enthusiasts in history to go to the top [of Divis Mountain] was pure magic, one of the best memories I hold. Thank you National Trust.'

A symbol of peace and tranquillity

Paul Hanna sees Divis and the Black Mountain as a symbol of calm and tranquillity: 'When I rise in the morning and look out my window the first thing I see is the view of Black Mountain. On a clear day it's quite a beautiful scene, with the mountain stretching into the sky and overlooking the valley below. For me personally, both Black and Divis Mountain instil a sense of calm and tranquillity. Therefore, out of sheer curiosity, I decided to make a small video study of how it sits at night. Despite the video showing the mountain having to deal with quite frightening weather, it was still there to greet me in the morning.'