Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Gold mines in use from Roman times to the 20th century

Family enjoy a day at Dolaucothi

Undergound tours at Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Illustration of Pumsaint Stone

The legends of the stone at Dolaucothi 

To celebrate our stories myths and legends this year the team at Dolaucothi Gold Mines have delved into the history books in search of fascinating stories to tell. The Cothi valley’s the setting while people, and their stories, are the legends.

Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Daily underground tours

Fri 22 Sep 2017
Get kitted up with a hard hat and lamp and walk in the footsteps of gold miners from centuries past at the only known Roman Gold Mine in the county.

Open Doors (FREE ENTRY)

Sun 24 Sep 2017
Experience all that Dolaucothi has to offer FOR FREE!
Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Dolaucothi Gold Mines


Dolaucothi Gold Mines


Victorians in Dolaucothi

Discover 2,000 years of history 

Step back in time and discover the story of the quest for Gold at Dolaucothi.

Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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