Dolaucothi Gold Mines

guided tour look at the gold mine entrance

Gold mines in use from Roman times to the 20th century

Dolaucothi Gold Mines

Things to see and do

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Undergound tours at Dolaucothi Gold Mines

Plan your visit by checking the time table for our award winning underground experience.

Dolaucothi's top 5 adventures

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Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Romans in Dolaucothi

What's on at Dolaucothi

There's always lots to do at Dolaucothi Gold Mines including underground guided tours, a 1930s mineyard to explore and the chance to strike Gold when you try your hand at Gold Panning. Check out our list of upcoming events.

Dolaucothi Gold Mines


Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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The Dolaucothi Arms

The Dolaucothi Arms BnB 

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