Learning at Dolaucothi Gold Mines

School pupils at mine entrance

Dolaucothi Gold Mines is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. The only known Roman Gold Mine in Britain, Dolaucothi is significant for showing advanced Roman technology. It was later mined in the Victorian era until its closure in the 1930’s. The National Trust has taken care of the entire 2,500 acre estate since 1941 and provides award winning underground tours.

The Roman Experience: This session provides opportunities to experience, investigate and explore aspects of the Roman history at Dolaucothi while on a guided underground tour.

The Victorian Experience: This session provides opportunity to experience, investigate and explore aspects of the Vistorian history at Dolaucothi while on a guided underground tour.

Learning at Dolaucothi, 2018 (PDF / 0.470703125MB) download

Bookings: We ask that you book at least 2 weeks in advance for any guided visits.

Additional Information:
Clothing & Footwear: Students need to be prepared with relevant clothing; comfortable shoes for walking (NO sandals or flip flops) and waterproofs if the weather requires it.

Access: Due to the steps and general terrain, the Roman & Victorian Tour is only accessible to able-bodied children; however, we can provide underground access into a later working to wheelchair users or those with difficulty walking.

We limit each tour group to 25 people; split groups take it in turns to participate in each activity. A teacher or assistant is required in each group.  

Parking: There is ample turning and parking space for buses in our car park.

Hazards and Risk Assessment: Risk assessments available on request.

Facilities:The Mine Yard features 1930’s themed machinery sheds which, these days, also house the Welcome Centre, Tea room, Shop and Toilets (including a disabled toilet). There are also several picnic tables for visitors to relax and enjoy packed lunches. 

Cost: Educational groups must hold a current Education Group Membership which can be bought on-site for immediate use.

For more information or to book please email bookings.dolaucothi@nationaltrust.org.uk or call 01558 650177.