Woodland work at Dolaucothi.

Felling deseased Larch at Allt Dolaucothi

This season we started work on the woodland on the Dolaucothi Estate.

We found that a large amount of the Larch trees were diseased with Phytophthora Ramorum which is commonly known as Japanese Larch Disease. We were issued with a Plant Health Order from Natural Resources Wales which meant we had a very short window of time to remove all the affected trees before the disease spread.

Rather than see this as a negative story for the Dolaucothi estate, we at the National Trust see this as a real opportunity to carry out some vital conservation work at the site. 

We are pleased to say that over the next few years we’ll be embarking upon a woodland restoration project for Allt Dolaucothi. We’ll be restocking the affected area solely with native trees which will allow wildlife to thrive.

The felling work is being carried out on several of our popular woodland trails so we have put some footpath diversions in place so that our visitors can still enjoy the rest of the beautiful 2,500acre countryside that the National Trust protects with the help of our tenant farmers.

We’re hoping that that felling work will take no more than 2-3 months to complete, weather permitting.  As soon as it’s been completed, we’ll be working throughout the winter months to reinstate our footpaths and allow access as soon as practically possible.

We wouldn’t be able to carry out any of our countryside maintenance or conservation without our supporters. Every membership, every donation, every cuppa in our tearooms goes further than you think, so thank you.


Ranger, National Trust