Dolaucothi Gold Mines

Family head underground at Dolaucothi Gold Mines

Important notice -

Please note, Dolaucothi Goldmines and Caravan Site are now closed for the winter and will re-open on 15 March 2019. The Dolaucothi Estate footpaths are accessible, weather permitting. We look forward to seeing you at the mines next year!

Gold mines in use from Roman times to the 20th century

Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Nature Activity Trail

Mon 08 Apr 2019
Get outdoors this April and follow our activities trail around Dolaucothi.

Cadbury's Easter Egg-travaganza

Fri 19 Apr 2019
Go detective this Easter weekend and discover who is the mystery creature at Dolaucothi.
Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Treat yourself at Dolaucothi

Dolaucothi Gold Mines


Dolaucothi Gold Mines


Victorians in Dolaucothi

Discover 2,000 years of history 

Step back in time and discover the story of the quest for Gold at Dolaucothi.

Illustration of Pumsaint Stone

The legends of the stone at Dolaucothi 

To celebrate our stories myths and legends this year the team at Dolaucothi Gold Mines have delved into the history books in search of fascinating stories to tell. The Cothi valley’s the setting while people, and their stories, are the legends.

Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Felling deseased Larch at Allt Dolaucothi

Delivering for Nature at Dolauocthi 

Follow our progress as we deliver for land and nature at Dolaucothi.

Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Our collections

Explore the objects and works of art we care for at Dolaucothi Gold Mines on the National Trust Collections website