Chute Wood at Dunstable Downs

Child playing in Chute Wood Dunstable Downs Bedfordshire
Published : 07 Sep 2017 Last update : 16 Jul 2018

Chute Wood is one of the best kept secrets of Dunstable Downs, with a hidden natural play area and winding pathways waiting to be explored.

Visit Chute Wood

Away from the wind of the Downs, Chute wood is the perfect place for the children to explore and get creative. From den building and bug hunting to making wild art, it's the ideal environment to learn about woodland wildlife, relax and play in natural surroundings.

Natural play area

There is a play area with natural wooden climbing frames and plenty of places to picnic. Hovever,  the wood will be closed during adverse weather conditions as it can get very muddy and slippery.. 

How to get there

To find Chute Wood leave the Visitor Centre, turn left at the Windcatcher and follow the hedgerow to the wood's entrance gate.


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