Things to see and do

East Pool Mine at Pool, near Redruth, Cornwall

East Pool Mine is one of the most important mines in the area. On your visit, explore the inner workings of this monument to the industrial revolution and experience the lives of Cornish miners from days gone by.

East Pool Mine​

Our main complex of buildings was once where important above ground work took place for the mine. Explore our mining models and hands on activities which explain how the mine worked.
There’s tea and coffee available here if you are in need of refreshments and our small shop with has a selection of interesting books​.

Mining on film​

Watch a short film which brings to life the story of Cornish mining and tells why mining was so important in Cornwall. Through modern and archive films and stunning photography, discover more about this World Heritage Site.
You can even see the original foundations of the building through the glass floor.

Michell's Engine House​

Come and see this great whim (wheel) at Michell's turn and experience the sounds and smells of the engine in action. Why not find out more about Cornish Pasties and have a go at making one out of felt?
Michell’s opens from 12pm – 4pm, so be sure to plan your visit to allow plenty of time to explore this building.

Taylor's Engine House​

Taylor’s Engine House was once the very heart of East Pool Mine, the pumping engine is the third largest ever made and ran 24 hours a day.
Our friendly and knowledgeable guides can tell you more about the men who used to work here. We have some great activities for younger visitors too. Don’t miss the view from the top.

Family trails​

There’s a fun brass rubbing trail, with nine clues hidden around the mine. Ask at Reception for this free family activity when you arrive and see if you can complete the picture.​ We also have a new 'Poisoned Powder Trail' relating to the mine's production of the poison arsenic.

The boiler room​

Have a go at the activities in the boiler room. The information panels paint a fantastic view of what life was like in the mine over 100 years ago.​

Look up​

Leave the boiler room through the flue tunnel to get to the inside of the large chimney where waste gases were originally pumped out. From here you can see right up to the sky far above. 

Can you complete the 50 things challenge​?

Start your 50 Things challenge at East Pool and make a grass trumpet, hunt for bugs or even make a home for creepy crawlies.