The shop at East Riddlesden Hall

Inside the shop, shelves hold a selection of items for sale

As soon as you walk into this intimate shop you are met with a range of wonderful gifts and treats.

We have a wide selection of plants available to buy in the shop, and are proud to stock a range of plants from The Hairy Pot Plant Company. These plants have pots made from the fibres of coconut husk that biodegrade naturally in the soil.

All plants are grown in environmentally friendly, peat-free compost and are watered and cared for daily by our retail and reception manager.

Fill your own garden this colour this spring
A selection of plants available to buy in the shop
Fill your own garden this colour this spring

Books beckon the attention of readers of all ages, biscuits disguised in tins you'll want to keep, blankets to keep you warm as you enjoy a cool evening in the garden, gardening items for all year round enthusiasts, printed scarves and home décor, there's something to suit everyone.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a high quality gift from the shop
Visitor inspecting a metal hare in the shop
Treat yourself or a loved one to a high quality gift from the shop

The range of children’s toys will spark interest and joy in the most curious of minds.    

If' you'd like to truly delight family and friends, consider a National Trust membership, a gift which can be enjoyed for 12 months or more. 

What you chose to buy matters to the team at East Riddlesden Hall.  Projects like beam restoration in the Great Barn, which will cost £12,000 are supported by your purchases. Thank you for your support.                 

Upcoming events

Greener gardening

Mon 20 May 2019
Meet a member of our gardening team and tap into over 50 years collective experience.

Herbs for health and home

Tue 21 May 2019
Take a stroll along the herb border to discover more about the wonderful properties of herbs.

Get out and active this May half term

Sat 25 May 2019
There's a buzz in the Wild Play Garden as spring turns to summer this half term.

Butter making in the barn

Sun 26 May 2019
Do you know how butter was traditionally made? How long did it take? How was it stored? Uncover the history of butter making at one of these fun sessions.

Himalayan balsam bashing

Sat 01 Jun 2019
Our outdoor team invite you to roll up your sleeves, become volunteers for a day and help us give nature a helping hand.

Natural fabric dyeing

Wed 12 Jun 2019
Learn how easy it is to use natural dyes extracted from garden plants to create a rainbow of colour.