The gardens at East Riddlesden Hall

Hellebores in front of the house

It’s the simple splash of colour and bird song in the air that gives the sign that spring is on its way.

It’s the perfect time of year to wrap up warm and take a walk through the gardens, and there are lots of opportunities to take photos of trees and plants slowly coming back to life. The snowdrops are still carpeting the ground, narcissi bulbs are beginning to awaken and crocuses tease the eye with their vibrant blues, pinks and yellow.

The Wild Garden

The Wild Garden is the best place to be at this time of year. In March, this garden is awash with pale yellows and whites. Primroses, snowdrops, wood tulips, cowslips, and yellow leucojum (dainty white snowflakes) amongst many others start to appear. From mid-March, narcissus in their masses make their presence known in the wild garden and the bright yellow erythronium pagoda stand proudly in various corners. 

The Formal Garden

The Formal Garden is still resting, but you’ll see the bright red flowering quince that contrasts nicely with the foliage of the golden philadelphus. Throughout the gardens and grounds the trees and shrubs put energy into bringing new buds to life, these will shortly envelop the gardens once more.


Birdsong can be heard throughout the gardens as the birds invite you to take a seat and pause for a few minutes to listen to the sounds of their gentle melodies. Even though nature is at its busiest, you don’t have to be - stop and take time to simply absorb all that's happening around you.

Spring is about new beginnings, embracing what nature has to offer and preparing for the lazy days of summer yet to come.

Join us later in the year to meet the gardener to learn about how we keep the gardens looking at their best.