Spring in the garden at East Riddlesden Hall

Hellebores in front of the house

It’s the simple splash of colour and bird song in the air that gives the sign that spring is finally here.

In the early months snowdrops nestle in every corner of the garden with crocuses teasing the eye with their vibrant blues, pinks and yellow. Narcissus in their masses make their presence known in the wild garden while the acid lime of green Euphorbias stand proudly in various corners.  Trees and shrubs put energy into bringing life to the ever expanding buds which will envelop the gardens once more.  

The blossom trees invite visitors to rest easy on nearby benches and take in the variety of colours and scents.  Even though nature is at its busiest, you don’t have to be.  From the wild garden, herb border or the formal garden, stop and take time to simply absorb all that is happening around you.  Nature is at its best, reminding us that the seasonal cycle has begun once again.  

The grass is showing signs of fresh growth with the fields and meadows taking on a far softer shape in late spring.  Daffodils are a blaze on the banking, adding a vibrant injection of colour against the blacked walls of the house.  Look a little further down the fields, maybe venture through the freshly planted willow tunnel on route to finding migrating birds who have stopped by to rest.  

Spring is about new beginnings, embracing what nature has to offer and preparing for the lazy days of summer yet to come.