Summer Magic in the Garden

East Riddlesden Hall, West Yorkshire

As summer approaches the sharper corners of the garden are softened by stems, bowing under the weight of scented blooms.

Roses bring an explosion of colour, blazes of pinks and yellows each with their own heady scent encroach onto the paths and grass lawns.  The traditional garden gives way to the wild garden, which has a tranquil meadow feel to it.

One of our Honey Bees on Rudbeckia Herbstsonne
Bee on Rudbeckia Herbstsonne


Sit under a tree on one of the benches and allow your senses to be enveloped by the sounds of nature.  Bees from our own hives are attracted to the cerise foxgloves, daises and geraniums.

Awaken your senses with a stroll along the herb border.
Family walking through herb border

Walk around another corner and you will be met by a wonderful collection of culinary and medicinal herbs with the view of the meadows stretching beyond.  In full summer the fields and meadows display the grass at its highest; especially by the river which runs lazily alongside. 

Stumble upon the peaceful River Aire during a walk through the grounds
View of trees reflected into the River Aire

Insects create a musical back drop, complementing the wildness that represents the simplicity of an English meadow.

Full summer brings clematis and honeysuckle, which clothe the walls, tantalising glimpses of a harvest yet to come with apples, pears, cherries and figs all working their way towards ripeness.  Molly’s garden brings a display of flowers, which are cut for the house.  The natural dye border is spilling over onto pathways by late July, Meadowsweet, Lupins, Lady’s Mantle, Chicory, Woad, all create a stream of colour.
There are so many reasons to return and see what autumn brings. 

Explore the changing colours in any season
Girl holding a red Sycamore leaf