Cameilla 'Cornish Snow' at Lanhydrock

Camellia at Plas yn Rhiw, Llyn Peninsula

The Cameilla's at Lanhydrock, also know as 'Cornish Snow' can usually be spotted in Spring between March - May around the higher garden.

istinguishing features include the young leaves have a bronze tint maturing to dark green with narrow ovate shape. The flowers are single and white with a pink tinge on the underside.
‘Cornish Snow’ flowers from midwinter to early spring. Like all Camellias it is evergreen.
A hybrid of two species (cuspidata x saluenensis) ‘Cornish Snow’ is a medium sized shrub of erect growth and bears a multitude of white flowers. Camellias are native to eastern and southern Asia, can grow up to 30 cm a year, and they thrive in the acid soil at Lanhydrock.
The winter flowering Camellia williamsii November Pink
Camellia williamsii November Pink at Trengwainton Garden in Cornwall
The winter flowering Camellia williamsii November Pink
The first camellias to grow and flower in England were at Thorndon Hall in Essex in 1739. We do not know when camellias were first grown at Lanhydrock. The camellia group includes the tea plant Camellia sinensis.