Coronavirus FAQs

Spring reflections at Sheffield Park, East Sussex

We want to keep you updated with information about how we are responding to the coronavirus situation. Below are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions in the light of our current response.

In these FAQs:

Visiting and access

1. How do I get in touch if I have an urgent query?

Our Supporter Services call centre has re-opened for urgent calls, with a reduced team, so please bear with us. We're working hard to keep our website up to date so please do use it to keep informed. If your query really can't wait, please call us on 0344 800 1895 or email and we'll do our very best to help you.

2. How many places are you closing?

We have now closed all of our gated gardens and parks as well as our houses, cafes and shops to help restrict the spread of the coronavirus, and from the end of Tuesday 24 March, we closed all our car parks.

We believe it is important that people do not travel, and instead stay at home and observe social distancing measures.

3. When do you plan to reopen?

While we are currently temporarily closed to help stop the spread of coronavirus, we expect to review this at the end of April when we will continue to follow government guidance.

4. Are you opening up your parks and gardens for free?

No. We have now closed all of our gated gardens and parks as well as our houses, cafes and shops to help restrict the spread of the coronavirus, and from the end of Tuesday 24 March we closed all our car parks.

5. How many outdoor places are staying open? How will I know which ones?

As we have now closed all our parks, gardens, houses, café and shops, and have also closed all our car parks from the end of Tuesday 24 March, we are advising people to adhere to social distancing guidance, and stay at home.

6. Will your car parks (for example at beaches) stay open?

No, from 25 March, all our car parks will be closed.

7. Will toilets be open?

We have closed all our toilets to restrict the spread of coronavirus. We are asking everyone to respect all places and the people who live in and around them. We urge people not to travel, in line with government guidance.


8. Will you be refunding, extending or pausing payments of memberships while places are closed?

We don't have plans to freeze all memberships, however we're very aware that in the current climate, some of you will be worried about your finances. There are ways that we can help, and you can find out more information on this here.

9. Will members continue to receive benefits, like the National Trust Magazine?

Yes, we are still planning to issue the magazine, our next one is due out around May/June time.

10. Many of your members will be in the ‘at risk’ category and will be avoiding social contact for 12 weeks. What will you be doing to support them during this time?

The National Trust has existed for the benefit of the nation for 125 years, including during the nation’s darkest days. At these challenging times, we believe nature, beauty and history can offer some respite, including for those people who are unable to leave the house. We will continue to provide interesting and thoughtful content for our members via the National Trust website and Magazine, which we will be sending out from May.

Our year-long campaign to get the nation noticing nature, launched last month, will continue. Nature can provide calm and relief during difficult times – and whether it is simply watching clouds from outside the window, listening to birdsong at dawn or watching trees burst into blossom, we will bring people ideas and inspiration for enjoying the natural world from indoors.


11. Is the Anniversary Garden Party going ahead?

Following changes in government advice in response to the developing coronavirus outbreak, we have received confirmation from Buckingham Palace that our planned Garden Party in May has been cancelled. We believe this is a necessary and sensible precaution, and we remain grateful to our President, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, for this opportunity.

12. Are you refunding those who have booked pre-planned events?

We’re working on a rolling three-month period and are cancelling all events within this time frame. We’ll be proactively contacting our supporters by email and refunding their money.

13. Are you cancelling all your events?

On a rolling three-month period until the government advice changes and social gathering restrictions are lifted.

14. Are you cancelling your Cadbury Easter egg hunts?

Yes, sadly our traditional Cadbury Easter egg hunts will be cancelled this year.