Crom's parkland

A view across Lough Erne at Crom, Co Fermanagh

The 2000 acres of parkland at Crom, County Fermanagh, lie beside the shores of Upper Loch Erne, an ancient landscape which includes the ruins of the Old Castle.

The ancient woodland at Crom is full of interesting trees, including ancient oaks with 'crowns' - leafy growth that started after the trees had stopped being pollarded around 100 years ago. 
Near the castle, two of Ireland's most ancient yew trees sit on earth mounds opposite one another. They're around 800 years old; one is female and the other male and each displays quite different form. They have been named among Britain's 50 greatest trees.
As well as a woodland walk, you can hire a boat and see the beautiful banks of trees from the water. You can even camp or stay at one of our holiday cottages.