Cultivating new gardeners in the Community Garden

The Kitchen Garden in June at Trengwainton Garden, Cornwall

The Community Garden section of Trengwainton's walled kitchen garden is available for local schools, colleges and community groups to grow their own produce and learn gardening techniques with help from our garden team.

Encouraging interest from an early age

We have many links with local schools and Nancledra and Heamoor Primary Schools are both using the raised beds in this section as their own growing space again this year.
With the help of our garden team the children learn and participate in the complete process of growing crops. 

What's involved?

Regular sessions with our gardeners combine learning with hands-on, practical work. After preparing the ground, sowing the seeds, tending the plants and, finally, bringing in the harvest, they then get to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

Healthy outcomes

We've received many testimonies from parents saying that their children previously refused to eat vegetables - until they grew their own at Trengwainton.

It's never too late to learn

The middle bed of this section is used by a group from Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change who are studying and developing practical food growing skills to earn a certificate in organic gardening from the National Proficiency Training Council. Their experience ranges from a lifetime of gardening to no experience at all.
We're always looking for ways to be more involved with our community. If you have ideas of how we can do this, please email us.
Ferns in Trengwainton Garden

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