Exclusive night tours at Basildon Park

Trees lit up with colours of red and green

For the first time in its history under the National Trust, Basildon Park is opening after hours for six nights only. You will experience the magic of the woodland lighting display, a glamorous champagne reception and exclusive insights into the eminent history and below-stairs stories of Basildon Park on a tour of the mansion.

There is something deliciously different about being in a National Trust mansion after hours. You're a guest of the house, not just a visitor to the place. Rooms that are museum-like by day come alive at night in the glow of the lamplight. The house feels revived to once again be fulfilling its raison d'etre - to entertain - and is infused with the spirit of glamorous parties of its illustrious past.

Basildon Park's night tours run over six nights in October and November. After making their entrance through the magical woodland lighting display, guests will be greeted with champagne and canapés by waiting staff in formal attire. 

The guided tour offers unique insights into the magnificence and intrigue of Basildon Park's history. Questions asked and answered include: 'Why was Basildon park built and what launched its residents into a life of luxury?' 

Guests will find out about the Palladian architecture of the mansion, the history of The Grand Tour and its relationship with Basildon Park's art collection and the below-stairs life that made the glamorous lifestyle of the residents possible.  

The night tours are running on:

Saturday 22 October
Wednesday 2 November
Friday 11 November
Thursday 17 November
Saturday 26 November
Wednesday 30 November

The cost is £25 per person. Book online here or by telephone 0344 249 1895