Looking for your next adventure in the English Riviera?

A volunteer at the Boathouse at Greenway in Devon

Are you interested in learning new things, meeting like-minded people and spending time in amazing places? Volunteering at the English Riviera could be just the thing for you. Find out about how you can get involved at Bradley, Coleton Fishacre, Compton Castle and Greenway.

What does volunteering look like?

What are you interested in? Whatever it is, that is what volunteering could look like for you. We're really flexible, and are keen to involve volunteers in everything that we do. Volunteer roles range from helping with conservation to greeting people as they arrive in the visitor receptions, chatting with visitors in the houses and much more. Here are some core roles which you'll see in the different places in the English Riviera:


Room guides

Room guides help to tell the story of each of the places. You don't have to be an expert in history; it's more about helping visitors to enjoy their day their way. Room guides work as a team, so can always ask for help from each other or the house staff if they get a tricky question or need any support.


Raffle ticket sellers

As a charirty, every penny donated to the National Trust is vital in supporting the work that we do to care for special places, for ever, for everyone. Selling raffle tickets is a great way to fundraise for the National Trust, and is a really fun, rewarding role. The money raised through raffle ticket sales goes towards specific conservation projects at each place, which is always a talking point with visitors. 


Garden guides

At both Coleton Fishacre and Greenway one of the garden team leads a free garden walk for visitors every day, showing them the best blooms in flower and sharing stories from the gardens' history. The walk normally lasts around 45 minutes, and is ideal for garden lovers looking for a volunteering role.

Volunteering as a garden guide is a great way of sharing something you're passionate about
A volunteer at Greenway leading a garden walk
Volunteering as a garden guide is a great way of sharing something you're passionate about


Transportation volunteers

At Greenway volunteers drive a buggy and a quay car to provide transportation for visitors from the car park and Greenway Quay. At Coleton Fishacre, volunteers drive an electric vehicle between the overflow and main car parks. Transportation volunteers are the Formula 1 stars of the National Trust - with just a bit less speed. They help visitors who might struggle to get to and from the car park and the quay, as these places weren't necessarily built to be pedestrian friendly.


After something different?

There are lots of other ways to get involved as a volunteer, so if a role you fancy isn't listed above, don't worry. 
Get in touch with Volunteer Officer Laura Rugg on 01803 842382 or drop her an email
Once you've met with or spoken to Laura Rugg, she'd set up a meeting for you with the volunteer supervisor from the area you are interested in. From there you would go on to shadow existing volunteers, and attend an induction with other new volunteers. Then you would be ready to fly solo as a fully-fledged volunteer.
" I’ve always wanted to give something back and the way to give something back, to me, was to do some volunteering. I’ve actually got the bonus that I actually enjoy doing it so I am very lucky."
- Ted Ellings, Greenway Boathouse volunteer