My National Trust FAQs

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Got a question about using My National Trust? Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions here.

Registering and signing in

Can I register with My National Trust?
You can register with My National Trust right now, provided you’re at least 13 years old. All you need is an email address and your member number (it’s on your membership card.) 

Which email address do I use to register? 
You can use any email address you have private access to. We'll keep your username email address separate to your contact email address (if they’re different) and will never use it to send you anything other than service messages in relation to your use of My National Trust (e.g. password change requests).

Do I need a membership to register?
You’ll need to be a current member or have a supporter number to manage your details online. If you engage with us in activity such as donating, you have been a member in the past, or you have purchased a gift membership, you may have this number. If you think you do have a number, but don't know what it is, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. 

Non-members can register for a basic account in order to save their favourite places.

Where can I find my member / supporter number?
Your member number or supporter number is unique to you and we use it to identify you. If you’re a member, this is the long number on the front of your card. You can also find the number on correspondence from us. If you’re not a current or previous member or donor you can register for a My National Trust account to keep a list of your favourite places.

My member / supporter number is not being accepted
If you’ve been with us for some time, you may have one of our older member / supporter numbers. Please retry by removing the 0 at the front of your supporter number, ensuring there are no spaces.
What happens if I get a message saying my username already exists?
The email address entered has already been registered as a username for My National Trust. If you've forgotten the password you used to register, please follow the 'Reset password' link and follow the process to regain access to your account. 

Can I register using a shared email address?
If you share an email address and have a joint or family membership, another person on this membership may have previously registered for a My National Trust account. In this case you'll need to use a different email address to register.

I haven't received an activation email, what should I do?
If it's been a few minutes and you haven't received an email, there are several things to try: 
•    check your junk folder
•    register again with the same email address in case you entered your email address incorrectly
•    if you spelled it correctly, you'll be asked if you want the activation email resent
•    or, try registering with a different email address
•    if you’re still experiencing difficulty, please get in touch via the ‘Need help?’ icon

I’m a volunteer, can I use My National Trust?
If you’re a volunteer with a member number or supporter number, then yes, you can. However, if you use the myvolunteering system, any information updated there won’t update across to the separate My National Trust system, or vice versa.

Why do you need my date of birth? 
We ask for your date of birth along with your member / supporter number and postcode as an additional safeguard to ensure your security and to accurately match your account with the right membership. If we don’t currently hold your date of birth on your record, you'll need to give us a call to complete your registration.

Managing your account

Can I change my username?
You can unlink your account from your current username by going into account settings, which you’ll find within the account icon in the top right of your screen (or in the menu on mobile devices). You’ll then be able to re-register on your new username (email address). 

What happens if I haven’t received my password reset email?
If it's been a few minutes and you haven't received an email, there are a couple of things you can do: 

•    check your junk folder
•    make sure the email address you've entered is your username
•    if you’re still experiencing difficulty, please get in touch via the ‘Need help?’ icon

Why has a ‘Renew’ button started to display next to my membership details?
This appears three months before your membership is due for renewal, allowing you to easily renew your online.

During this period, we’re currently unable to process requests for car stickers or membership cards online. However, we’ll be happy to help if you get in touch through online chat or via telephone.

Where can I see a list of places I’ve visited?
You can now keep a record of the places you’ve been to and those that you’d like to visit using My places. To get started, sign in to your My National Trust account and visit one of our place pages on the website where you’ll be able to add it to your list. For more information, see our My places article.

I have a lifetime membership. Can I request a replacement membership card via My National Trust?
Unfortunately, we’re unable to process requests for lifetime membership replacement cards online. Please get in touch via ‘Need help?’ or by telephone to request this. 

How do I log out of my account?
Remember to sign out when you’ve finished accessing your account when using a public computer. Select the account icon in the top right of your screen (or in the menu on mobile devices) and click the sign out button.

Other useful tips

Use of your username and contact email address
The email address for your username is used solely to sign in to your account. You can also use this as your contact email address. Alternatively, you can add a different contact email address which we will use to keep in touch with you if you have opted to receive communications via this method. If you have opted out of email communications, we may still use your email address for essential service notifications such as password reset requests.

Updating your address
The address we hold for you is associated with your membership and anyone else with whom you share that membership. Joint or Family memberships are available only to people living at the same address, so if you live at different addresses, you may need to buy a different kind of membership. 

To update your address, sign in to My National Trust and select edit details in the Personal details section.