Ned Lyonns's ghost at Dolaucothi Gold Mines

1930s miner at Dolaucothi Gold Mines

Dolaucothi Gold Mines, at Llanwrda, has many interesting tales to tell, including that of Ned Lyonns's ghost.

Ned was a Dolaucothi miner who worked 12-hour shifts, six days a week in the 1930s. It's said that one cold winter's day, Ned was lowered into the ore pass to excavate Long Adit at Dolaucothi Gold Mine.
An hour or so into the shift, Ned's candle, his only source of light, began to dim and eventually went out. Ned yelled and shouted for help but there was no reply.

A gruesome end

Hours passed and still no one heard Ned cry for help. He was cold and hungry and so decided to climb the unsteady rock face.
He knew it was dangerous, especially because he was completely blind in the darkness and his hands were numb with cold. He managed to scramble up about halfway, when his foot dislodged some loose rock and poor Ned fell to the bottom.
At the end of the shift, the drams rolled out of Long Adit and Ned's size nine boot was found. The miners searched the ore pass for Ned but he was never found. To this day, some say they still hear his groans for help echo through the gold mine.