Visiting and booking FAQs

Girl smelling daffodils at Winkworth Arboretum, Surrey

Find answers below to some of the most commonly asked questions about visiting and using the booking system.

In these FAQs:

How do I get in touch if I have an urgent query?

We keep our website up to date so please do use it to keep informed. If your query can't wait, please call us on 0344 800 1895 or email and we'll do our best to help you.

Visting and booking information

Do I need to book?​

You no longer need to pre-book your visit to many places in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For some places where booking has been introduced for guided tours, to manage visitor numbers, or for other reasons (such as ferry capacity), booking is required. Please check the webpage or National Trust mobile app of the place you're visiting before you travel.

How can I book a visit?

For places that still require pre-booking, you can book a ticket by visiting the property webpage or National Trust mobile app.

For those who are unable to book online you can call our booking team on 0344 249 1895. 

Do carers need to book a ticket?

If you need to bring a carer or essential companion to accompany you as a disabled visitor, you can book a carers ticket at the time of booking, free of charge.

How can I book a ticket and pay with my National Trust gift card? 

The booking system accepts payment by credit/debit card or Paypal therefore follow these steps to book your ticket and ensure you take your gift card with you to pay at a till point when you arrive.   

  • Within the booking system select the number of tickets you want under the National Trust member (adult or child aged 5+) option.
  • At the checkout stage use the membership number field to enter 'To pay with gift card on arrival'. Staff will process the gift card payment when you arrive at the property. If you forget your gift card you will be asked to pay by another method.

For those who do not have access to the internet to book online you can call our booking team on 0344 249 1895 who will complete this process for you.

Can I sell on my ticket?

Tickets are for your use only and are not available for resale. We will cancel tickets which we believe have been resold.

Can I cancel or change my booking?

If you set up an account when you made your booking, you will be able to amend the date/time of your booking online up to 24 hours before the date of your visit, or by calling 0344 249 1895. If you are a member and can no longer attend, please let us know by giving us a call on 0344 249 1895. 

Why can’t I just book tickets for the house?

We’re unable to offer separate tickets for the house or garden under the current booking system. We understand this may cause difficulties. Details of how you can visit the house will be included in your booking confirmation.

Will the whole of the house be open?

Many of our houses are fully open, but some may have rooms that can't open just yet for staffing, conservation or other reasons.

Do I need to wear a face covering?   

Wearing a face covering is a personal choice, although they are recommended in crowded and enclosed places.

Are you providing face coverings for visitors?   ​

We will not be providing face coverings, although a small number will be on offer to buy in some shops. We encourage visitors to bring their own.

Are you giving members priority on booking or giving them exclusive access?

Charity tax law means our places must be available to everyone - not just members, so we're unable to offer exclusive access or prioritised booking to anyone. 

I’m not a member. Will I have to pay?

Yes, prices will vary across properties and will depend on how much of the property is open.

Like many organisations, we have suffered a significant loss of income during the lockdown, which has resulted in many of our conservation activities being stopped. Your money will help us to continue vital conservation work and keep providing access to nature, beauty and history. 

I’m a member. Can I book free entry for non-members in my group using my membership?

No, each member booking needs to be against an existing membership. You’ll need to enter your unique membership number when you book and membership cards will be checked on entry.

Car parks

Are you charging for car parks?

Members can park for free. Non-members will need to pay where there are pay machines.

Do I need to book in advance?

A small number of car parks need to be booked in advance. Please check the property webpage to find out if you need to book. 

What facilities will you have open at car parks?

This will differ from place to place dependent on a number of factors. However, where we can, we will try to publish available facilities, such as toilets, on property webpages, but please be aware these can change from time to time.

How long can I park for?

The length of stay will depend on the car park you are booking. 

Food and drink

How is my safety and that of the staff being managed in your cafés?

The safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors remains our priority. We will continue to maintain high standards of cleanliness, hand sanitiser will be available should visitors wish to use it and at the current time till and collection points will remain screened.

What food and drink can I expect? 

To help visitors plan their day, we are aiming to serve hot drinks, cakes, and light meal options including sandwiches, soups, pasties and sausage rolls, but we ask visitors to be mindful that this may change at short notice, subject to the changing supply chain situation.

Will dietary needs to be catered for?

Our menu may not cater for different dietary needs as widely as it normally does, and we encourage visitors with particular dietary requirements to bring snacks with them to avoid disappointment.

Can I bring my own food and drinks? 

Yes, visitors may bring their own food and drink. Please don't leave any litter behind.

Will tap water be provided? 

Self-service water fountains are available for use in England and Wales. Some cafés/food outlets are now able to refill re-usable water bottles provided they are clean and in good condition. Bottled water will also be available to purchase in cafés and food outlets.

Can I bring my reusable cup?

Some cafés and food outlets are accepting reusable cups provided they are clean and in good condition. For each hot drink purchased using a reusable cup, a 25p discount will be applied.

Will there be a charge for using disposable cups?

There is a 5p charge for the use of disposable cups. We hope visitors will bring their own cups with them and benefit from the 25p discount for a hot drink purchased in a resuable cup. While small changes, these help us all be more sustainable.