Wild about Mount Stewart

Ladies walking with dog through the woodlands

This year another new chapter in the Mount Stewart story will be revealed as we begin to open up the historic demesne. With history dating back hundreds of years the landscape now extends from 100 acres to 864 acres after the £4m acquisition of the estate in 2015.

Mount Stewart Demesne

Mount Stewart is an exceptional example of the Irish demesne, intended to be both beautiful and productive, with farmland, woodland, orchards and a walled garden providing for the needs of the household. The demesne perimeter is clearly defined by an enclosing wall, which marked the private realm of the owner. 
Bought by the Stewarts in 1744, the woodlands they planted, the estate rides, follies and farmland remain largely unchanged. Fine buildings include the stable block, farm complex with dovecote, and the dairy and vinery within the walled garden – all architectural gems in their own right.

Walking trails

The first phase of access will be into the southernmost part of the demesne, providing visitors with a very different experience to the more formal paths around Mount Stewart gardens and pleasure grounds. We recommend good walking boots, as the trails in these early stages will be uneven in places and some areas muddy during wet weather.
The opening of the remainder of the demesne will be phased over the next decade, subject to the Trust securing the necessary resources to restore the historic rides to their former glory, which would have totalled nearly 20 miles across the entire estate.
Combined with the recently restored house (a conservation project worth £8m) and one of the top gardens in the world, Mount Stewart is now a unique destination offering a fascinating insight into the stories of the Stewart family.