Volunteer profile: meet Mike

Room Guide volunteer, Felbrigg

Mike - Room Guide volunteer

Mike is one of our Room Guide volunteers, helping our visitors make the most out of their visit into the Hall.

A volunteer Room Guide at Felbrigg Hall standing in the Dining Room

Why did you become a volunteer at Felbrigg Hall?

When I retired I felt I wanted to do something to contribute to the local area and a regular opportunity to give back and help. I have been interested in history, the work of the National Trust and properties like Felbrigg regularly visiting them so I thought what a great place to be able to volunteer at.

What do you love about volunteering at Felbrigg?

Well it is such a lovely place to volunteer what isn’t there to love about Felbrigg? It's such a lovely atmosphere everyone is so helpful and supportive and I have made some great friendships with other volunteers and staff here. It's enjoyable to be part of the team and to be able to talk to visitors about the history of Felbrigg.

Where is your favourite spot at Felbrigg?

The Library at Felbrigg is my favourite space. I am interested in books but its more about what they can tell us about the place and those that lived here. Finding out about the history and the characters and what these books tell us is fascinating.

What has surprised you most about volunteering?

That you don’t need to have a history degree or need to know all about the Hall to volunteer. That is when you start to learn from others and are given the support and resources to to guide you.

What have you learnt since joining the team?

Lots of things especially learning and building up knowledge of Felbrigg. You are always learning and picking up new bits of information and uncovering new stories. My general knowledge has definitely improved and I have also developed a better understanding of the work of the National Trust. I have learnt key skills around service and confidence in talking to visitors.

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering?

Its an ideal place to volunteer if you are interested in meeting new people and doing something different. Don’t be scared - you don’t need to know everything! The team here support you in your volunteering and you learn as you go - I am still learning about the Hall today.