Blue Green Algae risks

Swimmers at Fell Foot, Windermere

Due to the hot weather this Summer, there have been sightings of Blue Green Algae in Windermere, including the southern tip at Fell Foot.

Nothing quite beats a relaxing swim in Windemrere in the hot summer months, but please be aware of the algae sightings in the Lake District this summer.

Blue Green Algae is a natural occurrence in inland waters during the summer months and has been recorded in other areas of Windermere this summer.  During the blooming stage it becomes toxic to people, but particularly to animals.  Due to the turbidity of the water around Fell Foot from boats and wind the blooms can appear and then disperse quite quickly but are extremely unpredictable in nature. We therefore advise people to enter the water at their own discretion.

Take a look at the Lake District National Park's website to find out more about Blue Green Algae and refer to the government's advice on what to do if you spot it in a lake, river or the sea.