Family fun at Fell Foot

Have a wild time at Fell Foot

Whether you like to take to the water or keep your feet on dry land, there are activities to fill a whole day at Fell Foot.

Sitting on the southern tip of Lake Windermere with views across the water to the mountains above, this family-friendly park has green lawns sloping down to the lake shore, making it a great place for playing, a picnic or barbecue.

Fell Foot offers the perfect opportunity to get outdoors or stroll along the shore, and is one of the best spots to soak up Lake Windermere in all its beauty.

Kids’ adventures

Climbing frames, scramble nets, whatever your kids get up to we hope you all have a great time in our adventure playground.

Fell Foot has an easy lake access and beach-style area,so it's perfect for paddling. And on a snowy winter day the hills are perfect for sledging.

Head outdoors and try some of our 50 things to do before you're 11¾ challenges. At Fell Foot you can skim a stone, build a den, canoe down a river and hunt for bugs.