Rowboat, kayak and paddle board hire

Family kayaking on Lake Windermere

Please note: Kayak, rowboat and paddle board hire at Fell Foot has now finished for the 2020 season.

Please check our homepage for updates on rowboat, kayak and paddle board hire in 2021. 

A family enjoying a trip in a rowing boat, Fell Foot Park, Cumbria

Rowboat prices:

30 minutes, 2 people: £12                  
30 minutes, 3 people: £14                
30 minutes, 4 people: £16                  

1 hour, 2 people: £17
1 hour, 3 people: £19
1 hour, 4 people: £22

Kayak prices:
1 hour, single kayak: £12                   
2 hours, single kayak: £20                   
3 hours, single kayak: £27                    

1 hour, double kayak: £17
2 hours, double kayak: £25
3 hours, double kayak: £32

Paddle board prices:
1 hour (standard size – 1 adult): £15 
1 hour (XL size – 1 adult + child): £20
2 hours (standard size – 1 adult): £23  
2 hours (XL size – 1 adult + child): £28
3 hours (standard size – 1 adult): £30  
3 hours (XL size – 1 adult + child): £35

Dry bags are included.
Wetsuits are available to hire for £5 when hired with a kayak or paddle board. They're available to hire individually for £20.

If you’d like somewhere to shower and get changed after your adventure, don't forget to make use of our Active Base facilities. You can pick up an Active Pass for as little as £2.

Useful to know…

  • Buoyancy aids are included in the price.
  • A safety brief and details of where you can go will be provided.
  • Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet in, it’s almost certain you’ll get at least a little bit wet in a kayak or on a paddleboard. (We don’t recommend denim or other absorbent materials). This also applies to shoes – please wear sturdy, non-slip shoes suitable for the activity (trainers or pumps are ideal).
  • In hot weather – don’t forget  sun cream and a bottle of water.
  • In cold weather – make sure you’re wearing warm clothing to paddle in with a spare set of clothes to change into once you’ve finished.
  • We have strict guidelines about when we can operate our hire and some days we will have to close due to bad weather or high winds. If you’re in doubt, please phone ahead before making your journey to avoid disappointment (our number is 01539531273)
  • Dogs are welcome on all of our boat hire, but it is hard to predict how a dog will react to being on a boat, kayak or paddleboard. If you feel nervous being out on the lake for the first time, we wouldn’t recommend the added worry of taking your dog along too. If you do feel confident taking your dog along for the ride, all we ask is you do not attach the dog’s lead to the boat, kayak or paddleboard, as this can be dangerous for both you and your dog.
Mum and son on decking at Fell Foot Active Base