Planting trees at Fell Foot

A veteran tree of the future

National Trust Rangers, volunteers and local residents will gather together to plant a variety of different trees across the Lake District on 10 February 2017. This is the first ever mass tree planting that the National Trust have organised in the Lakes on the same date.

Over 90 people will take part at five sites spreading the length and width of the Lake District, including; Glencoyne Park in Ullswater, Hoathwaite in Coniston, Wasdale, Fell Foot on the shore of Lake Windermere, and Coledale, near the village of Braithwaite.

Here at Fell Foot we've exciting news, we’re creating a new wildlife corridor habitat.

Sixty five new mixed species of tree including oak, alder, field maple, rowan and new hedgerows stretching one hundred and sixty meters will be planted.

We’ve some beautiful wood pasture in the North field with large veteran oak trees, many are over a hundred years old and covered in lichens and bryophytes.  These trees provide the perfect habitat for nesting birds and thousands of invertebrates which in turn will create a feast for summer migrant birds, such as Spotted flycatcher and Common redstart and many local species. 

We will be planting more native trees as replacements for these current veterans to retain this vital rare wood pasture habitat at Fell Foot.

Why not call in to see us on the day, we’d love to see you and talk to you about the project.