Why BBQs and gas stoves aren't allowed at Fell Foot

Man cooking on a BBQ

Over the years, Fell Foot has sustained regular damage from fires and barbeques, especially in the hotter months. Barbeques and gas stoves are no longer allowed in the park but visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic and help to take good care of this popular lakeside spot.

Why can’t I bring a BBQ to Fell Foot?

In recent years there's beene widespread problems across the Lake District (and the UK) with wild fires due to the hot weather. If there’s a prolonged spell of hot weather without rain, the ground and grass dry out, making it more likely to catch fire. Disposable barbeques are one of the main causes of grass fires along with lit cigarettes, gas stoves and glass bottles which magnify the sun’s rays. 

Fell Foot is currently midway through a Heritage Lottery Funded project to restore and reinvigorate the landscape, boathouses and visitor facilities. As part of this project, we’re working hard to improve the condition of the grass, alongside planting ornamental flower meadows across the site.

Please note BBQs are not allowed anywhere on site, including the previously allocated BBQ area.

Can I still bring a picnic?

Yes. Visitors are more than welcome to bring their own food and have a picnic on the lawn – there are plenty of beautiful spots and benches to choose from so just sit, relax, and enjoy the view.

Fell Foot on the shores of Lake Windermere
The stunning views at Fell Foot
Fell Foot on the shores of Lake Windermere

What food can I buy when I get to Fell Foot?

Due to the current restrictions the cafe is closed, but our brand new ice cream parlour will open this Easter in one of the historic boathouses down on the lakeshore. There's also takeaway coffee and snacks available from the green catering van up in the main car park.

Outside eating at Fell Foot