Celebrating 125 years

2020 is the 125th anniversary of the National Trust. In this incredible year, your support is needed now more than ever before to care for these special places, so everyone can enjoy them during the pandemic and beyond.

" the need of quiet, the need of air, and I believe the sight of sky and of things growing, seem human needs, common to all men"

The National Trust was founded in 1895 to care for historic properties, areas of beautiful countryside and to provide access to green spaces for everyone. 

The values are the same then as they are today, and throughout 2020 we've continued to celebrate this.

At the beginning of this year, we had big plans... 

We're fundraising for these special projects


But in a year like no other, access to nature, beauty and green spaces is more important than ever.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused our income to drop sharply, which threatens our conservation work.

But by fundraising for us, you can help us to care for these sources of wellbeing for everyone. 



Getting your fundraising started...