Greenway garden in winter

Two visitors walking the garden at Greenway in the winter, with the river in the backround

Winter is the perfect time to explore the garden; while the leaves are down from the trees the views over the river are opened up, and there are plenty of interesting plants in flower. A winter weekend walk around the garden is perfect for blowing away the cobwebs.

A winter garden

The garden at Greenway transforms as it heads into the winter months. The leaves turn and slowly fall so the bones of the garden are laid bare, and majestic beech trees reach skyward creating infinite shapes against crisp winter skies.

Views open up offering differing and unique perspectives of the house, river and garden and display the estate in a whole new light normally hidden during the warmer months. 


Cycle of nature never sleeps

Evergreens offer some welcome greenery and winter flowering shrubs such as Camellia sasanqua offer splashes of colour around the house and walled gardens.  

Hundreds of years of garden history are on display as leaves crunch beneath feet on paths that lead out into the farthest reaches of the garden with the river glinting through new found vistas. What better way to blow off the cobwebs?

The autumn colour of the black gum tree is striking
A black gum tree in autumn leaf
The autumn colour of the black gum tree is striking


Coming up

Now that the grass has stopped growing, the Greenway Garden team can start getting stuck into some larger winter projects, so why not keep an eye out for some exciting transformations on your next visit. Don't forget, you can always talk to one of the gardening team to find out what they are up to and get some inspiration, tips or advice for your own garden.