Greenway garden team going for gold

Colin Clark, Senior Gardener, Greenway Colin Clark Senior Gardener, Greenway
The Greenway garden team at the RHS Rosemoor Garden Show

There's a tradition of Greenway entering flower shows which began with Agatha Christie herself, ably assisted by a well-known local gardener Jeff, who worked at Greenway for 50 years. In this tradition, the team have entered the RHS spring shows on behalf of Greenway garden for the last couple of years, where we've learned lots, had lots of fun, and been awarded lots of awards.

Picking the prize-winning blooms

Our winning strategy when it comes to showcasing spring flowers is to leave the flower on the plant until the bloom is fully open. This is a risky tactic; we could pick them earlier and keep them in the glass houses for a couple of days in the hope that they flower in time, or leave them on the plant and keep our fingers crossed that they don’t get damaged by the wind and the rain. Our decision to leave them to open fully on the plant this year paid off, and had our pick of perfect blooms. 



At the RHS Rosemoor Flower Show the team were awarded three 1st places, three 2nd places and one 3rd for their floral arrangements and prize-winning camellias. After gathering what felt like nearly every flower in the garden, the team put together some beautiful arrangements. I was hugely impressed with the display, as were the RHS, as they awarded us 1st, 2nd and 3rd for floral arrangements. The winner's cheques will be used to help with the conservation of the garden. 


12 Mar 16

Harvesting awards at the RHS Early Spring Flower Show

At the RHS Early Spring Flower Show we entered as many categories as we could with the available flowers from Greenway garden. It was too early in the year for our magnolias, so we concentrated on camellias, a couple of rhododendrons and narcissus. I’m extremely pleased to say that we won four 1st places, five second places, three 3rd places, a highly commended and The Alun Edwards cup for the best ornamental in show. In addition to the certificates there was a little prize money which went towards the conservation of Greenway. By attending these events we build up connections with specialist growers and it really does help to boost moral within the team and make us proud of what we do (winning does help).

Gardener Juliet preparing plants for the RHS early spring flower show

24 Apr 16

Success at the RHS Rosemore Garden Show

Following on from our success at the Early Spring Flower Show, we the RHS Rosemore Garden Show on 23 and 24 April. We came away with a total of seven prizes: first prize for Magnolia, a first and third prize for Floral, two fourth prizes for Camellia and Rhododendron, a ‘Highly Commended’ for Rhododendron, and the Colin & Mary Brown Cup for the best exhibit in the South West branch ‘Floral Display’ category. As well as the chance to enter the competitions, being at the RHS Rosemore Garden Show has given us a lot of inspiration; we’ve put together a long shopping list of the best rhododendrons and magnolias on display. Look around Greenway next spring for some extra colour as I’m intent on breaking the budget this year for stunning rhododendrons.

Greenway gardener Julie with her award winning floral display at the RHS garden show

11 Mar 17

Going for gold again at the RHS Early Spring Flower Show

This spring we once again entered the RHS Early Spring Flower Show. We carefully selected a range of camellias from the garden, showcasing them with love at Rosemore for the show. All of the hard work paid off when we were awarded 14 prizes: five 1st places, four 2nd and five 3rd out of a total of 17 entries.

Camellia 'Jingle Bells' in flower in Greenway garden