Greenway's school allotment

 Schoolchildren working in the garden at Greenway, Devon

Pupils from Galmpton Primary School tend to an allotment in the Walled Garden at Greenway, where they learn about the joys of growing their own food with the Greenway gardeners.

The allotment

In the past, children from the local Galmpton Primary school would visit the allotment plot week during the spring and summer term, to help to plant and tend the vegetables as they grow. This fantastic project strengthens the links between the local school and Greenway, and teaches the students where their food comes from. Most importantly though, lots of delicious vegetables are grown for the pupils and their families to eat. 

It's been on pause during the pandemic, but we're looking forward to resuming the work as soon as we safely can. 


Where does the garden grow?


The vegetable patch at Greenway is now in its eighth year, and even received a re-vamp a couple of years ago with the addition of raised beds and a new shed. You can't miss their allotment when looking around the garden at Greenway; it is in pride of place at the top of the South Walled Garden. 

In the abscene of our your volunteers, the garden team have planted a mix of vegetables and herbs. 

The pupils tend to the allotment throughout the term and enjoy the harvest
Pupils tending to the allotment in the garden of Greenway in Devon
The pupils tend to the allotment throughout the term and enjoy the harvest

Green fingers

The pupils have planted all sorts, from broad beans and potatoes to carrots. There is even an edible flower section which includes nasturtiums and chives, and previously pupils have even grown their own sunflowers. 

Grow-your-own dinner

In the middle of October, when the harvest is in, the pupils would come to Greenway along with their parents for a celebratory evening. Vegetables from their plot are cooked up into a delicious dinner; in past years they enjoyed pumpkin soup served in hollowed out pumpkins, and beetroot tart. Why not check back here later this year to see what new plans the gardeners and the school will have for the next season?