Repairing the Dining Room carpet

The dining room at Greenway in Devon

The Dining Room is going to be looking a bit different for a couple of weeks, while sleeves are rolled up to carry out some conservation work on the carpet. From Wednesday 15 August, a team of specialist conservators will be working in the Dining Room a couple of days a week. The carpet has become worn over time, so the conservators will be repairing holes, replacing and repairing the tape edging, and backing the repairs with linen.

Conserving the carpet

While the work is carried out, the Dining Room will undergo a couple of transformations, depending on the areas of the carpet being worked on. During the first week of conservation work, the dining table and chairs will be removed. From Monday 20 - Wednesday 22 August, the conservators will be working on the section of the carpet by the door to the room, so it's likely that the table and chairs will be back in place, but access to the room will be very restricted. The conservators hope to have the finishing touches completed by early September. 


Finding out more

Volunteers will be on-hand while the conservation work is being carried out, to explain the work being done and answer any questions. 


Long term

In the future, the Dining Room carpet will be replaced; funds have kindly been raised for this through raffle ticket sales. The new carpet will replicate the original, allowing visitors to explore this room without fear of damaging a historical item.