Secret spots for spring

The garden overlooking the river at Greenway in winter

Are you looking for a bit of peace and tranquillity this spring? These secret spots in Greenway garden are off the beaten track and surrounded by spring flowers.

The Camellia Garden

This secluded spot once housed a greenhouse with a 'hot wall' to protect tender plants, and the garden was also home to an aviary. The rustic walls and archways that remain lend a romantic air to the Camellia Garden, and you'll find a bench nestled into an archway in one of the walls that is perfect for a bit of quiet time. Greenway has been accredited by the International Camellia Society as a 'Garden of Excellence.' It is the first National Trust garden with this accreditation, and one of just seven gardens in the UK to be recognised as a ‘Garden of Excellence’ by the International Camellia Society. 


Kwan Yin

The Goddess of Mercy and Compassion resides over a small pond at the end of the middle path. Surrounded by ferns and flowering camellias, this is a truly tranquil place in the garden.


The Bird Pond

Another pool of water surrounded by lush greenery, the Bird Pond has a bench next to it where you can sit and relax. In the spring this is a mating pond for common toads, so the soft sound of croaking may greet you when you arrive, and you could even spy the occasional coppery eye in the water.   

The bird sculpture was created by artist Bridget McCrumm
The Bird Pond in the garden at Greenway, Devon
The bird sculpture was created by artist Bridget McCrumm


Mother and Child

Narcissus cyclamineus surround the Mother and Child statue on a bank near the house. These gorgeous miniature daffodils are nestled next to pink cyclamen.