Mindfulness at Greenway

Looking for a walk which can bring you closer to nature, your body, mind and heart? On Wednesday 14 March, Roselle Angwin, a Devon-based writer and Zen practitioner, will be leading a mindfulness walk through Greenway garden to help you connect with the woodland garden that surrounds you.

Visitors walking through the garden at Greenway in spring

Mindfulness walk

Wednesday 14 March, 11am-1pm*

If learning more about mindfulness is one of your New Year's resolutions, or if you are already familiar with mindfulness but looking to put it into practise in new ways, why not join this walk? Walking among trees also has documented health benefits, and on the walk there will be moments for creative inspiration, so please bring a notebook.

£8, normal admission prices to Greenway apply. To book, please call 01803 842382. 


Introducing Roselle

As well as a Zen practicioner Roselle Angwin is a poet, author, blogger and environmentalist, whose work has been displayed on buses and cathedral websites, has appeared in numerous anthologies, and even been eaten by sheep. She spent September to November 2017 as writer-in-residence at Greenway. Roselle is passionate about place in general and especially wild places and the natural world. 

Visit Roselle's website by clicking here

*Please note that this walk was originally scheduled for Wednesday 28 February, but rescheduled due to the snow.