Cellar tours at Hatchlands Park

The cellar lit by candles

Have you ever wondered what's underneath the house at Hatchlands Park? Here’s your chance to find out on one of our cellar tours. Put on your hard hat, grab a lantern and discover this previously unseen space where school pupils sheltered in the Second World War and teenagers partied in the swinging 60s.

The tour begins by transporting you back to the 1940s when Hatchlands was pressed into service as a convent school. See where the girls would have sheltered during air raids and hear about some of their experiences.

You’ll meet Mr Tremlett the wartime head gardener and Inger, a young housemaid from the 50s. Next we'll take you to discover a cosy spot for breakfast and then sneak you into the wine cellar - as long as we’re not spotted by Mr Brewster, the butler. The tour finishes up in the wild nights of the 1960s as you enter the secret underground disco.
Take a tour of the cellar spaces
The cellar at Hatchlands Park
Take a tour of the cellar spaces

What to expect

Each guided tour lasts for around 30 minutes and runs on a first-come, first-served basis subject to demand. You can sign up at our shop in the cobbled courtyard, on the day of your visit. All intrepid explorers will be required to wear a hard hat and carry a small lantern to light your way. 
There are a few steps down into the cellars, low ceilings, low light levels and one or two cobwebs. There's no strict age limit, we'd suggest that the tour is less suitable for those under the age of eight but please keep in mind the nature of the space and decide for yourself whether it's for you or any little ones you might be bringing along.
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