Drainage projects at Hatchlands Park

The house in autumn at Hatchlands Park

We’re undertaking several large projects to improve the facilities for visitors to Hatchlands Park. This means that some sections of the park and garden close to the house will be closed to visitors in the short term. When you visit please keep an eye out for directional signs that will help you move around the park without having to enter areas that are temporarily closed.

As we welcome more and more visitors each year, the demands placed on Hatchlands Park’s infrastructure also increase. We’re improving the sewage system and surface water drainage services around the park so that we can continue to provide a great service to an increasing number of visitors. It’s not the most glamorous project but the work we’re doing now is essential.

The project involves a large number of contractors and vehicles as well as extensive ground works. In the short term this means that access to the courtyard, where the cafe, bookshop and toilet facilities are located, may be restricted on certain days. You may also notice trenching in certain areas of the park and mansion complex and so our site might not be looking quite at its best in some places.

Please take a look at our map of Hatchlands Park to figure out the best routes for your visit. You can find maps at Visitor Reception when you arrive or online prior to your visit. Our Visitor Welcome team are always happy to talk you through the temporary changes we’ve made and direct you to the best routes for you to get around. Don’t forget to look out for the directional signage we’ve added to keep you headed in the right direction.

Thanks for your patience while we make these improvements.