History at Hatchlands Park

Hatchlands has been a family home since it was built by the Boscawens in 1756. In the years since it's filled many roles, but there's almost always been a family at the heart of the park. Learn more about the people who made this place their own and uncover a few of the fascinating stories from 250 years of history.

A portrait of Fanny Boscawen
A letter from Fanny Boscawen to Hannah More

The accomplished Mrs Boscawen 

Back in 2018, a century on from the passing of the Representation of the People Act, the National Trust launched ‘Women and Power’, a year-long national programme celebrating that historic milestone.

At Hatchlands Park we celebrated the life and achievements of Frances Boscawen, the first ‘Lady of the House’ and a founding member of the Bluestocking Society. We hope that you continue to enjoy reading about Fanny, her legacy and her inspirational friends.

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