A tour of the house at Hatchlands Park

Explore six beautifully restored rooms, richly decorated with an eclectic, family feel. Look out for details including Robert Adam's original marble chimneypieces and ornate plasterwork ceilings, plus the wonderful collections put together by our tenant Alec Cobbe.

The drawing room

The drawing room

Originally a private dining parlour for the Boscawens, the ceiling here was replaced in 1860 after the original collapsed. Don't miss: Sir Joshua Reynolds' portrait of Admiral Boscawen and Marie Antoinette's pianoforte made by Erard.

The saloon at Hatchlands Park

The saloon

Our saloon started life as a grand dining room for the Admiral, fashionably located as far from the kitchens as possible. The design by Robert Adam was heavily influenced by his Grand Tour. Don't miss: the ceiling and fireplace by Robert Adam and the harpsichord by Andreas Ruckers from 1636.

The library at Hatchlands Park

The library

This homely family room again features an original fireplace designed by Robert Adam. It also features the most elaborate of his ceilings, which was later gilded by Lord Rendel. Don't miss: Robert Adam's beautiful ceiling and the portraits of Shakespeare and Henry Wriothesley.

The garden hall at Hatchlands Park

The staircase hall and garden hall

A breath-taking double-height hallway, featuring a grand staircase with Georgian Chinoiserie banisters which connects through to the garden hall, the original entrance to the house. Don't miss: Chopin's Broadwood grand pianoforte and Elgar's Broadwood pianoforte.

The dining room at Hatchlands Park

The dining room

This room was originally Admiral Boscawen's bedroom but was converted to its present use by Lord Rendel. The decorative scheme has been added much more recently and was designed by tenant Alec Cobbe. Don't miss: a fireplace carving of Admiral Boscawen's dog, Becca, and the virginals belonging to Charles II.

The music room at Hatchlands Park

The music room

The music room is an early 20th-century addition to the house by Lord Rendel. It was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield with a windowed dome in the ceiling. Concerts played on instruments from the Cobbe Collection are held here. Don't miss: Liszt’s upright piano tucked away in the corner and the organ, played by our volunteers.

The house and garden at Hatchlands

Opening times

The mansion at Hatchlands is a family home to our tenant, Alec Cobbe. Our limited opening hours reflect this, allowing Mr Cobbe some privacy while still giving you an opportunity to glimpse the collections he's assembled. You can visit the house on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, from 12pm until 4pm.

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