The accomplished Mrs Boscawen at Hatchlands Park

In 2018, we're celebrating the life and achievements of Frances Boscawen, Fanny to her friends, and the first ‘Lady of the House’. Fanny was a founding member of the Bluestocking Society, notable for giving women a public voice and cultural standing in a time where to be an educated woman was frowned upon. Throughout the year we’re embarking on a series of events, from cinema screenings to salon discussions, at the home of this remarkable pioneer.

A portrait of Fanny Boscawen
The Tea House at Hatchlands Park, Surrey

Tea House  

Take a stroll along the walk which Fanny designed herself and discover a recreation of her Tea House. This shady spot for rest, contemplation and discussion was featured in a letter by Admiral Boscawen and provides beautiful views of the house and park.

Georgian costumes created by The Arts Society at Hatchlands Park, Surrey

What you can see whenever the house is open

From Tuesday 5 June you’ll be able to read Fanny's story set against the backdrop of our tenant’s collections.

Discover works of art by Fanny’s friends and contemporaries. Learn about her upbringing, uncover her influence on the popularity of Robert Adam and her role within the Bluestocking Society. Listen to a recording of Hannah More’s celebration of the bluestockings, ‘The Bas Bleu’. Share in Fanny's grief over the death of her husband with a video installation created in collaboration with the University of Brighton or be transported into a representation of a bluestocking salon, created by our fantastic heritage volunteers from The Arts Society.

Outdoors, why not take a stroll along the walk that Fanny designed and wrote about. Enjoy quotes from her letters and take a moment to relax in our recreation of her tea house.

" I look upon it as a fortunate omen to begin my New Year in Mrs. Boscawen’s company. She is in her conversation everything that can make the hours pass agreeably. I must be happier, and I should be better for her friendship."
- Elizabeth Montagu

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