Birdlife of Hatfield Forest

The variety and diversity of our landscape and planting attracts many birds to our special place. Visit us and see what you can find.

Home to a wide range of birdlife

Many differing types of habitat can be found at Hatfield Forest, from ancient coppices and wood pasture to fen-like edges around the lake.  They are all home to a wide range of bird life. Our resident species include tiny woodland birds such as linnets through to the large Canada geese found on the lake.

Ten bird species to be found at Hatfield Forest

1.   Moorhen

2.   Robin

3.   Gold crest

4.   Greenfinch

5.   Yellowhammer

6.   Buzzard

7.   Reed warbler

8.   Mute swan

9.   Canada goose

10. Green woodpecker

Birds of prey

Birds such as buzzards and sparrow hawks are often seen soaring over the open areas, hunting for prey. Buzzards have broad wings and short tails. Sparrow hawks have long tails and short rounded wings.

Woodland birds

The woodland areas are home to range of birds such as marsh tits and nightingales. You can also see hawfinch, yellow hammers and jackdaws, whilst green woodpeckers can often be heard in the scrub.

Water birds

Around the marshy edges of the lake you can see common snipe, coot and moorhen. On the lake are wide varieties of species including: mute swan, Canada geese, mallard duck, crested grebe, tufted duck and even cormorants.