Commemorative Trees

We have a Commemorative Tree planting scheme at Hatfield Forest. Trees can be planted in a variety of locations across the forest, the variety being appropriate to the specific site. The trees are small and placed in a protective guard, to maximise the chances of longer term survival.

The scheme

The Commemorative Tree Scheme is a popular way to commemorate a special person or occasion, for the loss of a loved one, the birth of a child, a wedding or jubilee.

The trees

The trees are normally planted in the Wood Pasture. As we manage Hatfield Forest for its historic and landscape benefits, any new trees must fit into the cultural, historical and landscape surroundings of the area. Sometimes, therefore, we need to restrict the type of tree to one appropriate to a particular situation.

Planting a specific tree species at Hatfield Forest is not always possible, but we can advise which other National Trust sites are available.

All of our planted trees are grown from Hatfield Forest seeds and nurtured in our purpose-built nursery. Species include: oak, hornbeam, field maple and ash.

The trees are normally about 30-80cm high when planted. This size is ideal to give the tree the best survival and growth opportunities. They are planted in a high quality metal cattle-proof tree guard to keep the tree safe and sound.

Trees are normally planted where there is open access.


The current price to plant a commemorative tree is £300. This price includes the cost of a high quality metal cattle proof tree guard to keep your tree safe and sound, and all the subsequent maintenance, eg, weeding, staking, replacement if the tree dies and protection against damage by cattle, deer, rabbits and other animals.


Trees are normally planted at the donor's convenience and in a special ceremony.  We can usually accommodate occasions when the donor may wish to be present, when the tree is actually planted.

Please note that we can only plant trees between October and mid- March, during clement weather. We cannot plant trees when the ground is frozen, as this would damage the tree roots.

Records and Certificates

We maintain a Record of all commemorative trees at the Regional Office. This consists of wording requested by the donor and a map of the location. We will post a photocopy of the relevant page and Certificate to the Donor. We will also keep a separate record of the commemorative tree at the Property where the tree is planted.

It is the National Trust’s policy not to allow plaques to be fixed on or near the trees.  We will however fix a tree tag to the tree guard, with its own unique identification number, so that you can locate the tree in the future.

Next Steps

We ask for a donation of £300 to cover the cost of planting a commemorative tree. This also covers all the subsequent maintenance, eg, weeding, staking; replacement if the tree dies; and protection against damage by cattle, deer, rabbits and other animals.

If you would like to have a commemorative tree planted at Hatfield Forest, please contact the Hatfield Forest estate office for an application form, by e-mail or phone 01279 870678.

The form includes a Gift Aid Declaration. By signing this, you will enable the National Trust to claim from the Government an extra 25p for every £1 you donate – at no extra cost to you. We would be grateful if you would consider doing so.

Please note that if you would like to have a commemorative tree planted at another National Trust property, then please contact our central team, by e-mail or phone 0179 381 8569.