Live Music at WoodFest

The King Driscolls band playing live at Woodfest in Hatfield Forest

We have a great line up of local acts across a range of musical genres, to keep you entertained all the way through WoodFest, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Sadly, we've taken the decision to cancel WoodFest this year as restrictions due to coronavirus mean we are not able to fully plan over the coming months. We'd like to thank you for your continued support. Find out more here.

What happens at WoodFest on the stages?

Local acts come to play on the 'main stage' and take part in the 'open mic' stage. There's everything from folk and 90's covers to brass, jazz, rock and metal. We'll be announcing the bands on both stages below and on our Facebook page as the WoodFest weekend approaches. 

Here's what last year had to offer...

2019 Main Stage line-up

Friday Evening
7.00pm     The Complainers
7.50pm     Showcase. Sandy Denny Tribute. (The full concert is coming up and will be         performed in 3 Essex churches so keep an ear out)
8.30pm     Alex Taylor
9.20pm     Adrian Nation
10.10pm   Eat the Lemon

Saturday Afternoon
12.00pm   The Boxwood Chessmen
12.50pm   The Big Sing Choir
1.30pm     Red Velvet
2.20pm     Sheri Kershaw
3.10pm     Catrin O'Neill & Alan Cooper
4.00pm     Jayson Norris

4.45 - 5.30pm  break for evening soundchecks and set up 

Saturday Evening
5.45pm    tbc
6.25pm    Sound Tradition
7.10pm    Emily Mae Winters
8.00pm    Brooks Williams
9.00pm    The King Driscolls
10.00pm  Ursa Minor

Sunday Afternoon
12.00pm  Finn Collinson Band Call to Mind Album Launch Tour
12.50pm  Melody Causton
1.30pm    Cliff Ward with special guest Jade Rhiannon.
2.20pm    Gilmore & Roberts Autumn Tour
3.20pm    Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage UK Autumn Tour
4.20pm    The Willows  (Acoustic)

Open Mic Stage line up

The general principle for our 'hotspots' is that a representative of those interested in performing on each day should turn up in the Open Mic marquee 15 mins before the start (ie 6:45pm on Friday, and 11:45am on Saturday or Sunday).  We then have a process for allocating the available spots and you'll be in the capable hands of our comperes, Chris Brimley and Chris Walls. 

If you'd like to be one of our Open Mic acts please contact Chris Brimley via email from the 1 April 2020.

Here's what happend in 2019... 

Friday evening

7.00pm   Maiden Jeans

7.20pm    Anna Wells

7.40pm    Hot Spot

8.00pm    Cut the Mustard

8.20pm    Cambridge & Walker

8.40pm    Hot Spot

9.00pm    Bernard Hoskin

9.20pm    Bob & Nick

9.40pm    Hot Spot

10.00pm  Pat Crilly

10.20pm  Hot Spot

10.40pm  tbc

Saturday afternoon

12.00pm  DAMP

12.20pm  The Smithsons

12.40pm  Hot Spot

1.00pm    John James

1.20pm    Sheri, Martyn, Natasha and David

1.40pm    Hot Spot

2.00pm    Barn Dance - Spring Heeled Jacks will help you get your dancing shoes on!

3.00pm    Colin Davies

3.20pm    Sarah and Mark

3.40pm    Hot Spot

4.00pm    Jono

4.20pm    Neil Smith

4.40pm    Hot Spot

5.00pm    David Stanford and Isobel Kane

5.20pm    Andrew leFevre

5.40pm    Hot Spot

6.00pm    Revival

Saturday evening

6.20pm    Ukes of Hazard

6.40pm    Hot Spot

7.00pm    Karen McWhinnie & Friends

7.20pm    Tony Day

7.40pm    Hot Spot

8.00pm    Rich Keam

8.20pm    Thursday's Band

8.40pm    Hot Spot

9.00pm    Kelly and Woolley

9.20pm    Colin Frid

9.40pm    Hot Spot

10.00pm  Dave Stannard

10.20pm  Hot Spot

10.40pm  Clark and Johnson

Sunday afternoon

12.00pm   Doghouse

12.20pm   James White

12.40pm   Hot Spot

1.00pm     Terry, Simon and Dave

1.20pm     Cider at Yours 

1.40pm     Hot Spot

2.00pm     Pat Lewis

2.20pm     Pass the Buch

2.40pm     Hot Spot

3.00pm     Oboe

3.20pm     John Meed

3.40pm     Hot Spot

4.00pm     The Medlars

4.20pm     Hot Spot

4.40pm     The Sound Guys