Summer Fun

A forest den

We have a range of activities to keep the children entertained during the summer holidays - - art on Tuesdays, den building on Wednesdays and "50 things" activities on Thursdays

Fabulous Art Tuesdays

Join us to make forest art masterpieces using dead wood and natural materials.

Taking inspiration from the forest and the works of Andy Goldsworthy to make masterpieces on the forest floor!

Come and join the learning team every Tuesday from 1 to 29 Aug. Groups leaving at 10:30/12:00/14:00 from the Hub in the Lake area.

No booking required. Parking applies for non-members. Donations welcome.

Dentastic Wednesdays

Join us and learn how to be a demon den builder, we will show you how to make big and min-dens safely and have lots of fun.

Come and join the learning team every Wednesday from 2 to 30 Aug.

Times / fees same as above.

50 Things Nature and Explore walks

Come and join us and explore the forest, look birds, butterflies and flowers.

Make grass trumpets, listen to trees with stethoscopes and walk barefoot in the grass.

Be true nature ninjas, filling in your scrapbooks while having lots of fun!

Come and join the learning team every Thursday from 3 to 31 Aug.

Time / Fees same as above