Activities at Hidcote

The tennis pavillion by the Beech Allee

After exploring the garden, why not challenge family and friends to a game of tennis or croquet? We have plenty of activities to take part in so please leave your footballs and Frisbees in the car!


We've everything you need, from period wooden rackets to match-winning tennis balls. All you need to bring are flat sports shoes and a lot of energy.


If tennis isn’t your thing try your hand at a spot of croquet. Have a go at this traditional pastime on the Great Lawn. We ask for a deposit of £20 when you pick up the mallets and balls from our shop.

Family fun

Childrens trails can be picked up from visitor reception.

Underwater world

The pools are teeming with an abundance of underwater creatures that can be seen swimming around.  Protected species like great crested newts and the more common frogs and toads enjoy our quiet pools for feeding, breeding and raising their young. It's great to look out for these amphibious species but please refrain from throwing stones and pennies into the water as it's damaging to their habitat.

The wider estate

The garden is surrounded by beautiful countryside, accessible by a network of public footpaths.  Walking guides are available from visitor reception.